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How to be happy?

My manifesto says that this place is a techblog, but at the end of it I have hidden the option, that under specific circumstances each or all the rules may be broken - here we are. I can not stop myself from writing you below the 10 rules of happy life wirtten by psychologist PhD Krzysztof Szymborski, which I have read in "Polityka" newspaper:

1. Do not avoid sex - inimate closeness with the other person increase our selfopinion
2. Turn off TV
3. Smile - even forced smile makes you feeling better
4. Call to a friend
5. Delight nice moments
6. Walk 2 km with a fast tempo - medium physical excercises favour the feeling of euphoria
7. Take the job, which you like and during your free time engage in social activity - became a member of choir or plant a tree in public square
8. Enjoy from what you have
9. Each day make yourself a pleasure and give yourself a time to really enjoy it
10. Each day try to make something good to somebody else

It is amazing. Pure, solid and complex, huh?
I need to implement this design pattern ;)

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