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Blog or not to blog
For a long time I doubt in the whole blogging *thing*. In fact Blog is nothing more than just eDiary and I did not want to be the kind of Adrian Mole folk! What has convinced me to write these words? Tomasz Kopacz, Joel Spolsky and Michael Ekegren. Work of these guys is for me the definion of techblog, which is a great way to exchange knowledge. There are guys, who are willing to share and this is why the world is turning around. As word "blog" seems not to be the next buzz-word I have decided to jump in on that train.

Which blog engine?
Willing to make a change I thought that everything else will be easy, but... Here it goes. Damn internet freedom of speach caused that there is the infinitive number of variants how the thing can be done. The best start point for the discussion seems to be Newbie FAQ 101 - How to make a blog. Typepad means paying > out. LiveJournal... well, I am quite sure that somewhere there is Adrian Mole. The cool thing there though is the mood parameter, which can be assigned to each post. The last one mentioned blog engine is Blogger. After reading just the article it would be obvious but... there is also ITTollbox. The design of the page is quite rickety and too-precisely-organized (limiting freedoom of expression), but the content of the service is good. There is unfortuntally common set of functionalities between this and my favourite LinkedIn (why the hell they have answers&questions and they have no blogs!!!).
I will try to live somehow with duplicated accounts in these services.

TechBlog manifesto

1. I do spend 1,2 hours weekly (mostly during the weekend) on writing (if I have no clue what to write about I will pick up some question from linked in)

2. I do write about:
  • project management
  • software development
  • web 2.0 (including some interesting services on the web)
  • time organization
  • book reviews
  • other interesting (in my opinion) technical things
3. I do not write about non-technical things (despite there is Mr. Heyd who wants to write some other stories, but if he starts to speak loudly, he will speak on the other blog)

4. I will write in english, but from polish perspective (I hope this will make the techblog unique)

5. No cross-words (however borders are not established yet) and no bull shitting.

6. I do post some info packs with links to posts in other blogs, but I will always write at least one sentence about each

7. I do write the techblog for people, so I will answer your comments and I will be opened for suggestions of type "please, write about..."

8. I will respect each opinion from the others, even the one which is totally opposite to mine and any of the criticism will not be taken personally (assume I can count on the same on the second side). If there is anything what seems to be stupid (even gramma), please write the comment.

9. There will be some humour in the blog (I hope it will not be just about that :D)... and at least 3 smilling faces. :D :D

10. There is no rules at the world, so each rule above can be broken under special cirumstances - author is obligated however to explain why the rule is broken. The sample:
*s..t* (sorry for braking the rule 5, but this guy just .... my head off and ... mother.... and I will ..... ) - I truely hope these words will not be written about you as I am very polite and opened kind of person, but as Leo Beenhakker said "a lot of stupid people walk on the Earth"

Good bless Google again! Amen, period and publish.

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