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Humanizing human resources

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First of all the memo:

Offical SORRY to not write for so long but… horrible 2 weeks in Turkey (DO NOT GO THERE!), which were planned as the holiday and became the nightmare, reorganization at work, kiddo sicknesses, thick book (review incoming) etc. and the others - I offically apologize to not follow the rule number 1 from the manfesto.

Since some time there a thought in the back of my head… How quickly and unnoticeably we switched into using the “human resource” phrase. It seems to be some small and irrelevant thing, but in fact IT IS NOT. It is a very important and strong signal that capitalism is replaced smoothly by the technocracy. Write "human resource management" and replace human with the material! The next step on our path to find the theory of everything?!

I bet you do not know also the term "utilizing human resources". That was (luckily) the part of the slang among the managers, whose major goal was to assign people to the tasks, which directly earn the money for the company. Each of them could have utilized or unutilized resources. The term is dangerously close to the chemical extermination meaning, but... that seemed to be actually funny.

One of the most unique and important innovation of the ASDP methodology is focusing on the human as a human and not just… the resource. I have read somewhere once the very amazing receipt for the problem: “How to recognize quickly if the organization is working well?”. 99% of serious article will analyze the cost and profit bars. They are definitely right and… so wrong. You need to focus on something else! People! DO THEY SMILE?!

Yeeeaaah! Forget for a second about all patterns, which programms your behaviour in your professional life! Clean the white board! Tabula rasa! The morning smell of the green grass on your Windows XP desktop! No coffee! Just silence!

I am a young father. My wife laughs, but she is not right! I am just 1.5 years old! And here there is the second thought; I have learnt more about the leadership interacting with my kiddo, than from the unquestioned authorities like Covey. You, tell me bullshit! and I will answer you with a couple of quick samples:

  1. You always know, you should spend more time with your (hopefully!) next version and it is always so hard!
  2. When your kiddo is playing the wrong game (like treating your favorites CDs as a puzzle game) you should not say stop!, but you should replace the game with the other!
  3. How to convince the kiddo to play the other game? Start to play it yourself – the one will copy or join.
  4. You should monitor and control the yes!/no! factor!
  5. Air brains! Walk on the open air with your baby!

Do you see, what I mean? Do you see also the touchable difference between managing and leading, which I have learnt as well? Maybe if you have a problem with your people cross-wording on the open space, you should watch the super nanny ?

The most funny… The rules, which I have mentioned above... I apply them in my professional life unconsciously. This is why I respect Covey so much – he is the one of not too many who gives you always samples for the theores in your professional and personal life. These two are truely inseparatable. The success in one area is usually paid from the other account and that is why I do not want to be the best in any of them! I just want to be right, PGP. PGP? Yes! Pretty Good Person! Finding the balance, Yin and Yang.

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