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Domino Day 2007 - behind the scene

If you ever though you have taken a part in a big project - have a look at this. This year the show happened at 16.11 in special 9500 m2 big building space. So far the list of records was...

Year Details: Where: Toppled:
2006 Domino Day: Music in Motion Netherlands 4.079.381
2005 Domino Day: Theatre of Eternal Stories Netherlands 4.002.136
2004 Domino Day: Challenge Netherlands 3.992.397
2002 Domino Day: Expressions for Millions Netherlands 3.847.295
2001 Domino Day: Bridging the World Netherlands 3.540.562
2000 China & Japan & South Korea China 3.407.535
2000 Domino Day: Reaction Netherlands 2.977.678
1999 China & Japan China 2.751.518
1999 Domino Day: Europa ohne Grenzen Netherlands 2.472.480
1998 Domino D-Day: Visionland Netherlands 1.605.757
1988 Europe in Domino Netherlands 1.382.101
1986 KLM Domino World Record Netherlands 755.836
1984 Team Klaus Friedrich Germany 281.581
1980 John Wickham and Erez Klein Japan 255.389
1979 Team Alistair Howden New Zealand 255.000
1979 Team Michael Cairney UK 169.713
1979 John Wickham and Erez Klein USA 135.215
1978 Team Bob Speca USA 97.500
1977 Team Michael Cairney UK 33.266
1974 Team Bob Speca USA 11.111

And this time first and 4th builder challanges failed and mostly because of that the final score was just (!) 3.671.465. Some of 90 builders (20 from Poland!), who set up all together around 4.500.000, did not see ANY effect of their hard, 2 months long work!

Actually there is the whole Weijers Domino Productions company, which is dedicated mainly to make the show once per a year and broadcast it around the world. In 2006, they gathered 85 mln watchers in front of TV. In the company, there works 17 people (builders are gathered just for 2 months - they work just for fun) and they are splitted into the departments - management, domino design/physics/production plus ... domino development preparing the projects for show with usage of dedicated software solution. You can have a look how the sample project is created. Starting from it imagine, how much work had to be done to make this master plan for Domino 2007.

Did you took ever a part in such a big thing?

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