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Sources of knowledge

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I have got some time ago the very good question: "Where from do I know, what I know?". I am the type of the guy, who asked about non expected thing, usually can not come up quickly with a clever answer, so I answer something not-clever-enough. The problem is that, this type of things keep staying in the darkness of my mind for some clever-enough story. The worst of all, the dark side of the soul wakes up usually 5' after I should be already sleeping and once per a while instead of behaving like the 31 years old man should behave I get to the laptop and write something like right now (tommorow morning will be truely a horrible intiation of the new year ;) ).

Anyway... lets do the home work.

I am the type of the guy who does not like to go to the courses, which I usually very expensive, time-consuming, borning and not-engouh related with the real life. This is way I usually prefer some self-pace paths, where books and web materials are the best, primary friends. In case of Microsoft certificates (MCSD.Net) I also convinced my boss to buy the examination training kit from Transcender (wow! they have a new web page) and I was very satisfied from it. I always focus myself and my subordinates to focus on some certificate. It is not to be some type of a label whore, who needs to have a jeans from Wrangler in order to feel better, but having a material goal is always a good motivator and the one, which you can set in time - usually the certain date and hour of the exam, when you shake like the leaves on a tree in autumn. Anyway I am crossing my fingers for you ;) and I give you one hint...

If you fails, there is always a possiblity to have a next shoot. I remember until today one exam at my university, when I had three make-ups; the most horrible was that each time I have spend doubled amount of time over the books and the result was doubled misrable :D The professor Jan Węglarz finally gave me the lowest possible note to pass, just to get my out of the range of his sight. Staying in front of him I truely considered to refuse the offer despite my desprate situation, but as usually my opprotunistic side has won ;) EVERYBODY has at least one story of this type - you must to set up and take a challenge.

The second and more interesting source of knowledge are people. There are two main figures who have been the sources and spiritus movens (surprsingly I could not find yet the english explanation of these latin words). One of them is positive and second one is rather negative.

The first one, was Clem Predergast who rather acts than publish and this why there is nothing about him on the web. He was though the one, true manager whom I met and whom I could watch managing and leading the people in software projects. It was more about the soft skills and possibility to motivate people in right direction, but there was also about the "know-how" import from Irish island and Performix company. How the support mechanisms works, how QA labs should look like, what road show is about, where there is a sense to pump the money and how to gain the support from executives. He had tones of his phresals, which I am sure, most of people who have worked with him, will remember for a long time like "all hands on pump". I keep catching myself on repeating them or doing some small things in the same why how he did it like learning first how "cool" and "shit" sound in foreign language, when I am in one these countries where german and english is not the mother tongue. Learning by the example is definitely the best possible method.

The second person is much more interesting and I have been growing up with this feeling for years. This person had probably better hard skills than I had on each, technical level - starting from code, through the architecture and finshing at methodologies knowledge (especially the agile once). I am quite sure that he still has these skills better, but he had some problems with soft skills. Unfortunatelly it has appeared after some time that we do not work together but against. Why I come up the situation? Because he was a perfect challenge, which (or rather who), I admit publically in this new 2008 year, still sits in my mind and keep challenge me in the ares, which about we had this short, usually intense discussions. Of course that is not my main or even secondary motivator, but for example it forces me to review once per a while all the existing methodologies and only the ones, which I prefer or can be useful.

Where books can be treated as hardware, people would be the software - you need both and you need to have some balance. You need to have hardware to load software, you should not have too much software on the weak machine and the most important... do you really need Vista? :D

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