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Google Trends

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Google Trends is the set of services, which allows you to analyze through ALL the search requests send to Google and news appearing on the web by geographical region and by date (since 2004). There are the following services:
It is produced by Google Labs and it is still in Beta phase since may 2006. At the beginning, Google had some problems with data updates, but since 17 July, they started to provide the data on the regular basis - Google Trends daily and Hot Trends hourly.
The service is truely cool and you open mind has a play ground... staying focused on rather professional things:
Project management methodologies

  • South Africa turns on the PMBoK?
  • Prince2 is the winner in EU
  • RUP is very popular in Poland (polish language also)
Web languages

  • Polish language is the most popular generally and in HTML/PHP!!!??
  • There is HTML renaissance, when we speak about publications
  • Ajax gets the ground slowly

  • the e-cards become less and less popular year-after-year
  • they are the most popular in Viet Nam, Thailand and Honk-Kong (Viet Nam and Thai language), than in Belgium- Netherlands (Dutch language); is truely english 3rd the most popular language?! Probably not in greetings :D
  • they are the most popular in Christmas time and New Year (seasonal trends metioned by wikipedia)
I truely spend a lot of time just to produce these three, looks-like-quick analyzes as that is truely hard to find good set of keywords for search. Just as and example I have tried to compare the top three most popular business social network using the wikipedia list as primary resourse and I felt into XING trap, which is also the big Chinese teleco. There is plenty of similar cases - Java means also the island and Eclipse is mainly the astrology term.
Google Trends does not show the popularity, but just the number of searches and publications (whatever it means).

System bases on IP addresses wherever from the query was issued and it happens that pools of IPs are transferred from one country to the other by "smart" internet providers (I know about such pools hijacked from Finland to Poland) ;)

You may request up to five key words at once.

The service is defintely cool, but you need to use it VERY carefully and you probably need also some other resources, which proofs your hypothesis. Incoming popularity of Facebook (comparing to MySpace) is possible,
but XING comparing to LinkedIn or Plaxo? ;)

Anyway the incoming API for the service, will be definitly the cool thing to play with! What else will come up from these Labs? It seems like there is a lot of rocket science going on! ;)

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