piątek, 2 stycznia 2009

On-line maps

Last time somebody mentioned to me that all maps delivered in the internet comes generally from two companies. Generally that is right, but...

There are two companies on each side of Atlantic ocean. On the left hand we have NAVTEQ in Chicago and on the right hand we have TeleAtlas in Netherlands. Without the surprise most of sources stands that TeleAtlas provides better maps for EU and NAVTEQ has better maps for US, but in Poland...

There are two the most important players: eMapa who has the partnership contract with TeleAtlas since 9 April 2008 and IMAGIS, who after unsuccessful cooperation with TeleAtlas (problems with map conversions) turned into the partnership with NAVTEQ since 15 march 2007. On the internet these maps are provided on two, well known portals:

  • docelu.pl hosted by WP, which provides eMapa maps
  • zumi.pl hosted by Onet, which provides IMAGIS maps

Two? Really two? What about Google Maps? Well...

Google (as American firm) used at the beginning NAVTEQ maps in Google Maps, however their page for cyclist and runners used TeleAtlas maps even in US. Since 2005 year there was ongoing transition process which caused that finally, today even US maps in Google Maps are displayed today with the TeleAtlas fotter at the bottom ;) It seems to be the result of the partnership contract signed between both companies in the middle of this year.

So are online maps delivered from two companies? Which companies? In 2007 TeleAtlas was acquired by TomTom for 4,5 mld $ and NAVTEQ by Nokia for 8,1 mld $. It seems so, that the competition will move from map producers to equipment producers, but... the biggest producer of GPS equipment is Gemini!

Does Google watch the whole game as the spectator? Well... They bet on half-meter resolution images from the GeoEye satellite. The partnership contract signed in August 2008, gives Google the EXCLUSIVE right to publish these pictures online!

What will bring us the new year?

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