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Mailbox migration, C drive running out of space and other *fun*

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The regular reality brings you the number of small, administrations problems, which you have to "micromanage" by yourself. As I have been asked couple of time how to manage them - here there is a couple of tricks...

Mailbox migration
Assuming you have regular Exchange server, your Outlook points to OST or PST file, which is stored by default at "C:\Documents and Settings\[login]\Local settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.xxx". Do not be surprised if you notice that this file weight couple of GB. If you have PST file it means that you are a lucky guy and you have fully movable copy of your mailbox; if you copy this file on any medium you will be able easily to restore it on the other PC. That is the best way to import/export your PIM data.
If you have OST file, the situation is more complicated as in this case the data are offically on Exchange server and the OST file can not be opened on the other machine, which has no connection to that server. Offically. Inoffically there is a couple of possible tricks... The best one which worked for me and the mailbox from Outlook 2003 was to pay 15$ to PasswordCrackers, who transformed for me OST file to PST file. In fact I just have followed Matt Goyer .
I am quite sure that they have used that they have used one of possible solutions like Outlook Recovery Toolbox or from Nucleus Technologies, but the trial versions of these will not be enough and paying 60 and more $ for a software, which you probably use just once is pointless.

C drive running out of space
I am in situation where there is no space on C drive and plenty of it on D drive.
Sounds trivial like the problem for dummies? Believe me it is not, if you start running out of ideas.
Having just XP, full Office, MS Project, SQL Server (installing this one od D drive was a horrible experience) and VS 2005 plus couple of the other small items believe me that after a year of use 12GB becomes very tiny space.
After I have uninstalled number of unnecessary things there, cleaning regullary all temp files including waste bin, there was still a problem. If you run out of the ideas I suggest you to follow the checklist:
  • Install free OverDisk software which will show you in cool way what eats your hard drive
  • Ensure that you do not have any old user profiles, which may weight even 1 GB
  • Clean "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations" directory which may store even couple of GB of patches from MS
  • Decrease the size of the virtual space
  • Turn off hibernation
  • Turn off System Restore
  • Turn off File Protection
  • Turn off HD indexation
... and then my todays discovery with OverDisk. Check how much weights your archive.pst file, which you may easily move from C to D drive (in my case it was over 1GB!).
After whole process do not forget about disk defragmentation, what truely saves you nerves decreasing the chance of blue screen during system heat-up.
... and at least but not at last
Live well with your local administrator :D

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