wtorek, 10 lipca 2007

Polish offering dream team lands in Bukarest

The exploring team, ……consisted of two specialized sub-teams, …
… watching their steps …
… were looking for some pretty places …
… but the most often they found some strange architectural solutions …
… and places like from “Saving Private Ryan”; ...
... all together tied with tons of cables.
After the whole trip we have socialized…
and then the city was much more beautiful :)

Romania is the emerging market - in last 7 years it grows over 5% yearly. In 2006 the inflation drops to 6,6% and national debt is on 3% PKB level. In yearly report of Word Bank "Doing Business 2007" the country is on the second place worldwide. Since 2005 year there is 16% linear tax and in 2007-2013 Romania will get 30 mld EUR from EU structural funds. That is why, despite accusations about the corruption, the country collects more and more attention from the western corporations.
I heard couple of thrilling stories about Bukarest and I must say that the reality is not so bad as the stories of my friends. The truth is that, there is not too many tourists and after 5 days long visit, I do understand why, but the whole town is not so bad for the business trip as far as you spend most of your time in the air-conditioned places.

You should be aware about pickpockets especially when you travel alone and when are close to the airport. Try to choose also the taxi with the windows closed as it means the air condition inside. When you get a cab, be aware, because some (around 10%) taxi drivers tries to charge you unfairly. The city is quite dusty, but most of people are friendly and helpful, but you may find some exceptions. We have stayed in hotel Caro and I can recommend the one. When you put some effort, walking in the center of the city, you may find something more than just McDonalnd or Pizza Hut. There is much more cafeterias than good restaurants though.

From the business perspective, the visit reminded me about couple of does when you build the relation with a foreign partner, like:
  • Use the partner’a national language
    Couple of words like “good morning”, ”good bye”, “thank you”, “good work” and especially “shit”, can do a miracle or at least a smile. I learnt it from some good manager, who did it often, couple of years ago and I still remember his pronunciation of word “shit” in polish :)
  • Collect contact details
    During any meeting ask always about the name, role in the company, role in a project and contact details to any person who is in the room. Are there all necessary competences? Is there some agenda draft or list of topics to cover? How much time do you have for a meeting? Is there a chance that attendees turn off the mobile?
    Digression: I still do not understand why the calling person has a priority against the one who is in front of you, but Mr. Cialdini explained it to me within the case about “fear from losing the opportunity”.
  • Do notes
    During a meeting request doing the note or note yourself all keys points, tasks to do, not answered questions etc. At the end of the meeting review the note publically and send the note to all attendees after a meeting in order to have common point of view.
  • Socialize
    If you are interested in establishing good relation, you must invest your time and efforts in some social events not related straightforward to work. For sure, there are some common insterests, which you have with your partner - let yourself to find a timeframe to explore them.
  • Pen drive
    In many situations (eg. when you have a problem with reading your email), using the small tool can save your life. My buddy is also encrypting it with password, what is a good thing to do in case of loosing the little friend :)
  • Water
    And at least, but not at last… buy yourself bottle of water during a day, so you have it at your room at night and at early morning :)

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Marcin pisze...

nooo taaaak
no i wyszlo ze my tylko zwiedzalismy i piwo pilismy....
a gdzie ta ciezka praca?

Adam Koszlajda pisze...

No jak ktoś tylko obrazki ogląda to potem tak pisze ;)

Marcin pisze...

wiesz ze 1 obrazek to 1000 słów :)

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